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  • We would like to invite you to join our ‘Karuta’ project which will help people learn, create and play a traditional Japanese card game, ‘Karuta’.
  • We offer 3 programmes: Creative Karuta Award(contest), Karuta Worshop and Karuta Festival.
  • Our goal is to promote Kauta globally through the project.
  • ‘Karuta 2020’ project was completed in June 2021 with over 5000 participants from 83 countries. Thanks for your support!

What’s karuta? (Click)

Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game around a theme. We use text cards and the matching picture cards to play karuta.
The below photo shows a set of karuta cards themed around various countries.

How to play Karuta

  • Spread out the picture cards facing up at a table, and the players sit around the cards.
  • Someone reads a clue aloud, and the players compete by touching the picture card that matches the clue.
  • The player who touches the picture card first wins it.
  • Read the next clue and continue playing.
  • The winner is the player with the most picture cards at the end of the game.

What we offer

(1) Creative Karuta Awards, worldwide

  • This is a drawing contest for everybody from children to adults.
  • The prize is the printed karuta cards.
  • We have no scheduled contest at this moment.

(2) Creative Karuta workshop, worldwide

  • A hands-on workshop will be offered worldwide to help children, adults to learn, create and play Karuta.
  • We will place trained Karuta Coordintors with schools and communities.
  • Workshops has already been offerend in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA.
  • We will welcome other countries to invite our Karuta Coordinator.

(3) Karuta Festival, Tokyo

  • Karuta Festival is an annual event in Japan to showcase the latest karuta cards created worldwide.
  • All winning works of Creative Karuta Award will be displayed and the Award cereomony will be held.
  • We will also hold Creative Karuta Workshop and hold karuta Game.

Organizer: Karuta 2020 project team

Tammy Stewart-Jones, Honorary Chiarman, Karuta 2020

  • Is mother of UK Karuta bringing Karuta to the UK through the ‘My Thanet’ Karuta joint-project in 2012.


  • Mineo Kageya, Director, FROM JAPAN Institute, Tokyo (2nd from the left)
  • Mikiko Haraguchi, Vice Chairman, Japan Kyoudo Karuta Association (centre)
  • Kazutoshi Ogimoto, Director, Suginami Karuta Project (2nd from the right)

Achievements of Karuta 2020 project