Words from Matt, winner(受賞者)

A few years ago, I went to Japan for the first time, at that time I had the chance to go to Toyo university for a summer cultural bootcamp if I may say. While studying Japanese language and culture we had the chance to participate in a Karuta workshop. I only knew this game from anime and it was really niche for me. For people who don’t know what is “Karuta” it’s a traditional Japanese game where you need to be the fastest to find the card with the illustration tied to the poetry the referee is reading. It’s quite fun but can be really hard. It’s a game of memory, speed and knowledge.

Anyway, after a few years I got my first game sent by the Karuta 2020 organisation and it was kind of a prototype with the cards we created at that workshop. And a few years later, this year to be exact, the official game is out, this is supposed to be used in the Olympics to promote Karuta as an Olympic sport and cultural treasure. My card is officially the one representing Belgium and I’m proud of it (even tho my drawing skills are awful, I’m sorry). This is the one you can see on the picture.Thank you again for this opportunity and for your gift.