Report – Karuta Festival 2019

We had the Karuta Festival 2019 yesterday (10th February) 

The exhibition showed the original artworks created by the winners for Creative
Karuta Award (Contest) last year, together with photos and messages
by the winners who could not attend the Award Ceremony.

‘200 countries karuta’ cards were also exhibited. They were created by
177 Senshu University high school students in the last 3 years. No
schools have tries to do it so this is a great achievement in our project. 

First part of Festival was to hold the Creative Karuta Award Ceremony
after showing all 30 winning works on Power Point. The winners from
Canada, Hong-Kong and Japan received their Award certificate and prize,
a newly printed set of Karuta card called ‘Global Karuta 2018’. 

We invited Mr Roshan Gamange, Minister, Sri Lanka Embassy, Tokyo
to receive the certificates and prizes of Sri Lankan winners who could 
not attend the Ceremony. 


After the ceremony we enjoyed playing karuta with the
Global Karuta 2018.  The first game was played in English by
a pair of a child and the parent from Canada, Hong-Kong
and Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka team won the first game.

The second game was in both English and Japanese and
played by 3 teams of Japanese and non Japanese child.
Each team had 1 Japanese player and 1 non-Japanese
player. So the card reader read out the a clue on the
text card and Japanese child from each team played.
Then next turn a clue was read out in English and
non- Japanese child from each team played. So each
turn the reading language was changed.  Such game 
was possible because Global Karuta 2018 is bilingual.
It was nice to see Japanese and non-Japanese children
worked together. 

In addition to Karuta we offered other Japanese cultural
experiences.  The following is Shell shell matching game
which was played by Japanese children. 

Origami – First they folded Samurai hat called ‘Kabuto’
with origami paper  and then used newspaper to make
a large Kabuto to wear on the head.

Bean-throwing Festival:  On the 3rd February many families 
enjoy this festival at home to celebrate seasonal change. 
Typically the father will wear a devil mask and kids 
throw soy-beans at the devil by saying “Devils out , good
luck in’.  So We used soft balls instead of soy beans 
this time. 

The Festival was filmed by the local government (Suginami) to
share such the event within the community.  They invited
3 comedians to join the festival to make it more fun.

The film will be available to watch on 3rd March on ‘Suginami 
Style programme at



Report: Karuta Festival 2018

We have just completed Creative Karuta Award ceremony last Saturday with the winners and their family/friends from 5 countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Russia Federation, Singapore, Sri Lanka. After the ceremony we enjoyed playing karuta with the Global Karuta 2017 while appreciating all original winning artworks exhibited on the venue.

After the ceremony we had a Karuta workshop themed around Russia. First we learned various cultural items of Russian through presentation of a guest speaker Eva who lives in Japan to study Japanese language. Then each of them got a topic to write a clue text and draw the picture. In the end we played karuta with the new cards and the winners got a prize to choose.