Report: Workshop at Elementary School Thematic English Education Movement

On 23rd July we had a workshop opportunity to share Karuta 2020 project with English educators at Study Meeting in Bunkyo, Tokyo, organized by ESTEEM(Elementary School Thematic English Education Movement) .  After the introduction of Karuta 2020 they created their own clue cards which match the picture cards showing various countries, made by British children. In the end we had a small karuta match which everybody enjoyed.  We got many questions and comments so the workshop was successful.  The below photos shows their original clues matching to the picture cards.

Report: Creative Karuta Workshop on various countries

We held Creative Karuta Workshop at Suginami Kyodou Plaze, Suginami, Tokyo with 7 participants including Thailand student.  Each person was in charge of creating both clue and answer card on their chosen country such as  Bhutan, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Somalia, Thailand.  We got the first karuta card on Bhutan, Hungary and Somalia!

Report: Creative Karuta Workshop at Toyo University

On Wednesday, 24th August, 2016  we held Creative Karuta Workshop at Toyo University, Bunkyo-ward, Tokyo with two international students from Belgium, Thailand and 4 Japanese students majoring in literature.

We spent almost 3 hours to complete karuta cards on various topics on Belgium, Japan and Vietnam. We got the first karuta works on Belgium and Vietnam.