“Karuta 2020” cards was completed!

“Karuta 2020” is a set of bilingual English/Japanese cards about the 206 countries/regions.
The printing of Karuta 2020 was finally completed!

This results from a five-year collaboration (Karuta 2020 project) with over 5,000 people from 83 countries.
Thanks for your participation and warm support.

See the all karuta cards.

Plan to print karuta cards

As we announced before, we would be printing a new version of the Karuta set based on
the 206 works that won the Creative Karuta Award (Country Category).

The printing is expected to be completed around mid to late June.

Once completed, all the cards will be uploaded to our website.

2021-05-17 | カテゴリー :

Result: Creative Karuta Award 2020

Thank you very much for submitting your entries for the “Creative Karuta Award 2020”.
We received 137 works on the theme of the 21 designated countries. Here is a list of all the winning entries.

2021-03-25 | カテゴリー :

Information on 21 countries for Creative Karuta Award 2020

Hello. We are calling for drawings on the theme of 21 countries at Creative Karuta Award 2020.

If you are not sure of those countries, please look at our web page
at https://karuta2020.tokyo/learn-21-countries/.
You can see a list of sample subjects to draw and some Youtube videos.

Among the 21 countries, we have not received any drawings on the following eight (8) countries.
If you are not sure which country you want to draw, please consider drawing those countries.
North Korea,
and Panama.