All karuta cards – Creative Karuta Award 2017

Now you can see all karuta cards created with the winning works of Creative Karuta Awards 2017.

Results of Creative Karuta Award 2017

About Creative Karuta Award 2017

  • This is an Art & Writing Contest to create ‘karuta’, a traditional Japanese card game, themed around “Share the charm of Japan and the world”.
  • Everybody is invited to submit a pair of drawing/painting & phrases expressing their favorite scenes/objects in their home/chosen country.
  • The Award has 4 sections such as Primary children, Secondary students, University students and Working adults.
  • In 2017 We received 449 entries from 19 countries and their topics covers 43 countries.


The results

  • The total 12 works (3 works per section) were selected to win ‘Excellence Award’
  • ‘Special Award’ was newly set up to award additional 14 works because so many high quality works were entered this time.
  • See the below list of winners



  • The winners will be awarded with a set of bilingual karuta cards, ‘Global Karuta 2017’ using the 26 winning works.


Award ceremony

  • Date: Saturday, 10th February 2018 – Time: 1 pm
  • Venue: Ribbon room, Hosoda Komuten
  • Address: 3-35-21 Asagaya Minami, Suginami, Tokyo
  • Access: a few minutes walk from South Exit of Asagaya station, JR Chuo & Sobu line
  • Note: The ceremony will be held as part of Karuta Festival 2018 offering Karuta exhibition, workshops.



  • All winning works will be exhibited on the ‘Karuta Festival 2018’ on 10th February.
  • The works will be also up on the website after the Festival.

Report: Thailand Karuta Workshop

On Sunday, 26th November we held Thailand Karuta Workshop in Asagaya, Tokyo as an approved commemorative event of the 130th anniversary of Japan-Thailand diplomatic relations with 11 participants including a Singapore student.

First they learned 19 various topics on Thailand through  presentation by a Thai guest speaker. For example the topics are; Thai greeting, food and festival, music instrument, sport and then traditional Thai house and beaches.

Then each participant chose 1 topic to write the clue in English, Japanese and draw the picture.

In the end we had 3 karuta games using the new cards.For the first game we used clue cards in Japanese and then English clue cards for the 2nd game. For the final game we mixed up cards in Japanese and English to make the game more challenging. The winning team was given a miniature karuta cards by the leader of Suginami Karuta Project.

According to their questionnaires we collected all of them felt worthwhile participating in the workshop. They put “It was nice to learn about Thailand”, “it was interesting to learn new culture”, “self-thinking tasks increased my deeper understanding on Thail culture.” so it is clear that the workshop provided them with a lot of learning.

This was the first time to offer a creative karuta workshop through presentation by an international guest speaker. One of the participants commented as “The clear presentation on Thailand made creating cards very fun” so we think the workshop became more successful with the guest presentation.

This time we created the 12 pairs of clue and answer cards among 26 pairs. So we would like to hold another Thai Karuta workshop to complete 26 pairs of karuta cards. Please join us.

Report: Workshop at Elementary School Thematic English Education Movement

On 23rd July we had a workshop opportunity to share Karuta 2020 project with English educators at Study Meeting in Bunkyo, Tokyo, organized by ESTEEM(Elementary School Thematic English Education Movement) .  After the introduction of Karuta 2020 they created their own clue cards which match the picture cards showing various countries, made by British children. In the end we had a small karuta match which everybody enjoyed.  We got many questions and comments so the workshop was successful.  The below photos shows their original clues matching to the picture cards.

Report: Creative Karuta Workshop on various countries

We held Creative Karuta Workshop at Suginami Kyodou Plaze, Suginami, Tokyo with 7 participants including Thailand student.  Each person was in charge of creating both clue and answer card on their chosen country such as  Bhutan, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Somalia, Thailand.  We got the first karuta card on Bhutan, Hungary and Somalia!