Results of Creative Karuta Award 2019-20 for Age category

We, Karuta 2020 project team, would like to thank you for your entries to Creative Karuta Award 2019-20.
We received over 1,000 entries from 30 countries. We set Age category and Country category in this contest.
This is to announce the result of contest for Age category.

Before announcing the result, we would like to share one point with you. Our original plan was to select 20 works
(for “Excellent Award”) to print a new set of karuta cards. In addition to this we decided to select
other 20 works (for “Jury Award”) because of so many attractive works we received.  So the 40 works in total
were selected.

Please note that the prize for Excellent Award will be a set of karuta cards as specified on Entry Guidelines.
The prize of Jury Award which was not included in the Guideline is a pair of sentence and picture card with
your winning work (not katuta set).

We will send an email to all 40 winners soon.

Here is the list of 20 winning works for Excellent Award.


And this is the list of 20 winning works for Jury Award.