Elizabeth, winner(受賞者)

“For my painting of Slovakia, I have painted Bojnice Castle. I have chosen it because I have
felt that it represents Slovakia really well. It’s one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia
and I have been lucky enough to visit Bojnice castle!

Slovakia is famous for its natural landscapes and wildlife, so I wanted to include that As well!
On the left-hand side, there is a Slovakian dancer in a Slovak folk costume, and the patterned
sun is a folklore pattern to represent the heart of Slovakia.

I love colours , so I have made it very flamboyant. I used different art mediums
such as: watercolour, marker pens, watercolour pencils and a black gel pen.

When painting this picture, I have learned many new things like art techniques, and making
sure the different parts and colours work together in this picture. When deciding what to paint,
I’ve also learned lots of new facts about Bojnice castle and the varied folk costumes all across Slovakia!

Karuta is such an amazing game. Before I painted my Slovakia picture for the Karuta game,
I had never heard about Karuta game. But it is actually really fun! I think more people should
play Karuta and this project is helping really well to share this amazing game.

All of the cards are colourful and detailed and very beautiful! This contributes to the game so it
is really pretty to look at all cards. And interesting to learn about new cultures and traditions.
The Karuta 2020 project, Japan- is fun and exciting!”