Message from Embassy of Bulgaria in Japan(駐日ブルガリア大使館)

I am so happy to see so many children from all over the world take part in this wonderful project. The Olympic Games are a great opportunity for people from different cultures and beliefs to connect on a global level and feel that we are all one family.

The children’s drawings for the Karuta 2020 Project are all very unique and illustrate something interesting from their country. It is quite fun to look at them all and get to know these children through the cards. I cannot wait to play the Karuta game with friends.

I hope that in the future children will continue to connect the world by participating in such activities. I wish everybody to stay healthy and happy during these difficult times. And also the best of luck to all athletes at the Tokyo Olympic Games!

Elena Kutsarova
Interpreter, Culture
Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Japan