Karuta Workshop

We offer Creative Karuta Workshop in and out of Japan by placing Karuta Coordinator at school, communities.

Please contact us if you are willing to host the workshop.

Workshop in Japan

The following schools have hosted our workshop
  • Toyo Univerisity,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo in August 2016
  • Everest Intearntional School, Suginami ward in October 2016
  • Takezono High School through Tsukuba City in January 2017

Workshop outside of Japan

  • Over 10 British primary/secondary schools in Kent & London since February 2015
  • 8 Australian primary schools in Victoria, Queensland in 2015, 2016
  • A New Zealand school in 2016
  • Milpitas High School in November 2016

Words from a school teacher

“The children loved playing and making the Karuta card game. I liked the way they were doing literacy and art at the same time. The children were very proud of their pictures and poetic sentences.”

Y5 Teacher, Bromstone Primary School, Kent, UK