Global Karuta 2019-20

  • This karuta has 47 sentence and picture cards themed around 32 countries, which were printed with 47 works selected from over 1000works created through a contest and workshops in 2019-20
  • 32ヶ国を題材とした、読札・絵札各47枚のかるた。2019-20年の公募・講座を通じ創作された847作品から30作品を選出し、印刷。

Global Karuta 2019-2020

01 – Red Fort

02 – ‘Wayang Kulit’ Shadow Play

03 – Malayan Tapir

04 – Adam’s Peak

“This is a beautiful religious place that is worshipped by most people in Sri Lanka. I visited this place with my parents in the evening as it is very easy to climb to the top of the mountain. I saw the beauty of this mountain at night-time and the beauty of the sun rising the next morning. When I was on the top of the mountain, I drew my sweet memories of these places as a picture.”

“Thank you for sending the prize of Creative Karuta Award: certificate and Karuta. I am very happy and proud of myself to see my picture on the ” Karuta card ” and a sweet description of my picture.”


05 – ‘Rafflesia’ Flower

06 – Lion Monument

“I created my piece using ink pen and a light wash of water color. I learned how to shade better and create deeper shadows with ink pen. “The lion is a memorial, it gives off a sad feeling for those soldiers died in war. I decided to paint this because I wanted to bring attention to this wonderful sculpture, as it seems unrecognized to most. ”

“I feel that the cards are an excellent way to express Japanese culture and games. I find Karuta is fun to play. I am proud of joining the competition and have my piece as one of the Karuta cards.”

「インクペンと水彩の淡いウォッシュを使って作品を作りました。インクペンを使った、深い陰影の付け方を学びました。」 「ライオンは追悼の記念碑で、戦争で亡くなった兵士らを悼む気持ちを伝えています。全く有名ではないようですが、この素晴らしい彫刻に注目してもらいたいと思い、これを描くことにしました。」 「かるたの札は、日本の文化や遊びを伝える、すばらしい方法だと感じます。かるた取りも楽しい遊びです。このコンテストに参加し、自分の作品がかるたの一枚となったことを、誇らしく思います。」

07 – Antigua Black Pineapple

08 – Koala

09 – Sydney Opera House

10 – Great Blue Hole

11 – Aurora/Northern lights

12 – Plitvice Lakes National Park

13 – Argentine Tango

14 – Avenue of the Baobabs

15 – Ayasofya

16 – View of Rio de Janeiro

17 – Carnival of Venice

18 – Kiwi

19 – The Little Mermaid

20 – Greece

21 – Maiden Tower

22 – Meinong Oil-Paper Umbrella

“Oil paper umbrella is famous and traditional. It is the hand-made umbrella in Taiwan. I like the umbrella and want everyone to come to see this traditional hand-made art. ”

“We received the certificate this week. Thanks for your endeavour to promote this meaningful event!”

「油紙傘は、伝統ある手作りの傘で、台湾で有名です。皆に見に来てもらいたいと思います。」 「今週、賞状を受け取りました。このような意義ある取り組みに感謝です。」

23 – Cyprus Cyclamen

24 – Santa Claus Village

25 – Kathakali Dance Drama

“I like this dancers’ make up and costumes with bright colours. It is very different and attractive.”

“We just recived the certificate and cards. Thanks a lot and wish you all the best for the future activities.”

「踊り手のメーキャップや衣装の色が鮮やかな点が、気に入りました。特徴があり、魅力を感じます。」 「賞状とかるたを丁度、受け取ったところです。ありがとうございます。今後の活動の成功を期待しています。」

26 – Taekwondo

27 – Moai Statue

28 – Port of Marina Grande

“The port is in the island of Capri, Italy. I chose this island as is famous for its beauty, landscape, caves, seawater, hotels, shopping etc.”

“Hello from United Kingdom. Thank you for sending the prize of Creative Karuta Award : certificate and Karuta cards. They are very nice.”

「この港はイタリアのカプリ島にあります。この島はその美しさ、風景、洞窟、海、ホテルやショッピング等で、知られています。」 「こんにちは、イギリスからです。創作かるた賞の賞品と賞状、ありがとうございます。とても素敵です。」

29 – Boudhanath Stupa

30 – The Great Wall of China

31 – The Prophet’s Mosque

32 – Crimson Sunbird

“This bird is beautiful and famous in Singpore. Just like Singapore on the world map, this bird is small but strong and pretty.”

“Thanks for sending the Jury Award certificate. ”

「この鳥は美しく、シンガポールで有名です。世界地図上のシンガポールと同じように、この鳥は小さくても、強く美しいです。」 「審査員賞の賞状、ありがとう。」

33 – Bench Raban (hand drum)

34 – Two Lovers Point

35 – Romanian Pottery

36 – Bojnice Castle

For my painting of Slovakia, I have painted Bojnice Castle. I have chosen it because I have
felt that it represents Slovakia really well. It’s one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia
and I have been lucky enough to visit Bojnice castle!

Slovakia is famous for its natural landscapes and wildlife, so I wanted to include that As well!
On the left-hand side, there is a Slovakian dancer in a Slovak folk costume, and the patterned
sun is a folklore pattern to represent the heart of Slovakia.

I love colours , so I have made it very flamboyant. I used different art mediums
such as: watercolour, marker pens, watercolour pencils and a black gel pen.

When painting this picture, I have learned many new things like art techniques, and making
sure the different parts and colours work together in this picture. When deciding what to paint,
I’ve also learned lots of new facts about Bojnice castle and the varied folk costumes all across Slovakia!

Karuta is such an amazing game. Before I painted my Slovakia picture for the Karuta game,
I had never heard about Karuta game. But it is actually really fun! I think more people should
play Karuta and this project is helping really well to share this amazing game.

All of the cards are colourful and detailed and very beautiful! This contributes to the game so it
is really pretty to look at all cards. And interesting to learn about new cultures and traditions.
The Karuta 2020 project, Japan- is fun and exciting!






37 – Vesak Lantern

38 – Indigenous Dot Painting

“This is an indigenous (Aboriginal) Australian art. I drew this because this is a unique culture.”


39 – Hallstatt Village

40 – Formosan Black Bear

41 – Spinnaker Tower

42 – Bagpipes

43 – Snow Monkey Mountain

44 – Kaminarimon Gate

45 – Large Brown Cicada

46 – Mask of Shwet Bhairava

47 – Contrap?s Dance