Global Karuta 2017

  • This karuta has 26 sentence and picture cards themed around 17 countries, which were printed with 26 works selected from 449 works created through a contest and workshops in 2017.
  • 17ヶ国を題材とした、読札・絵札各26枚のかるた。2017年の公募・講座を通じ創作された449作品から26作品を選出し、完成。

Cards on Map(世界地図でみる)

Global Karuta 2017

‘Koryushka’ Fish Dish, Russian Federation


‘Shuba’ Coat, Russian Federation


African Elephant, Kenya


Balinese Dance, Indonesia


Bird of Paradise, Indonesia


Bull Fighting, Spain


Carnival of Venice, Italy


Deepavali Festival, Singapore


Egyptian Culture, Egypt


Fire Dance, Bulgaria


Hula Dance, United States of America


Lantern Floating Ceremony, Japan


Merlion Statue, Singapore


Orca, Killer Whale, Canada


Peacock Bird, India


Russian Dolls, Russian Federation


S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore


Scottish Kilt, Great Britain


Sea Turtles, Sri Lanka


Sinharaja Rain Forest, Sri Lanka


Taj Mahal, India


The Dead Sea, Israel


The Great Wall of China, People’s Republic of China


The Trans-Siberian Railway, Russian Federation


Times Square, United States of America


Windmill, Netherlands