Global Karuta 2016

  • This karuta has 26 sentence and picture cards themed around Japan, Great Britain and other countries, which were printed with 26 works selected from 512 works created through workshopsat 10 British primary/secondary schools in 2015 and 2016.
  • 日本・英国・他6ヶ国を題材とした、絵札・読札各26枚のかるた。英国の小中学校(10校・19クラス)で創作講座を実施し、完成した512作品から、26点を選出し印刷。

Global Karuta 2016

Bean-Throwing Festival, Japan


BeatlesiYellow Submarine), Great Britain


Beefeaters, Great Britain


Big Ben, Great Britain


Cup and Ball Game, Japan


Eifel Tower, France


English Tea, Great Britain


Great Wall of China, People’s Republic of China


Green Tea, Japan


Kimono, Japan


Koala, Australia


London Eye, Great Britain


Mermaid Statue, Poland


Mt Fuji, Japan


Ninja, Japan


Osaka Castle, Japan


Panda, People’s Republic of China


Paper Fan, Japan


Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


Red Buses, Great Britain


Red Nose day, Great Britain


Royal Harbour, Great Britain


Scones, Great Britain


Stonehenge, Great Britain


Sushi, Japan


Usain Bolt, Jamaica