Message from Embassy of Panama in Japan

“The Embassy of Panamá in Japan is honored to be part of Karuta 2020 project, it gives children all over the world the opportunity to learn more about different countries including Panama in a very didactic way. Thank you to all the team of Karuta for making this project come true after 5 years of work,  more than 5,000 participants from 83 countries. Gracias!”

Embassy of Panama in Japan

Words from Margaret, Winner(受賞者)

I am greatly honored to have my work selected for the 2020 Karuta card contest. That project unites people around the world which is especially important now when it is not the time to travel and experience different cultures.

Karuta 2020 かるたコンテストで、私の作品が選ばれたことを大変光栄に思います。このプロジェクトを通じ、世界中の人々がつながることができます。旅行や異文化体験の機会がない今、とても大切なことだと思います。


Words from Diana, winner(受賞者)

This is Diana from Bulgaria! I am writing to you to express my gratitude and thank you again for choosing my work as a country category winner! It makes me very proud to be able to represent my country through your project and this wonderful card game! I would also like to greet all the other participants and winners who have worked hard to create something unique! Stay safe and healthy!



Message from Embassy of Oman, Tokyo(オマーン大使館)



Message from Embassy of the Dominican Republic (ドミニカ共和国大使館)

“This year I had the honor to collaborate with Karuta Project as a juror for Dominican Republic’s drawings. Then I had the opportunity to get to know this amazing initiative that brings education to children around the world through art and culture. Despise the unfortunate appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide and not being able to connect physically, Karuta Project has made children of all continents to connect in a deeper level, through their imagination.

I wish the best to Karuta Project organizers so they continue their amazing work for years to come.”

Joselyn Saladin
Ministra Consejera

「今年、ドミニカ共和国の絵画審査員として、Karuta Projectとコラボレーションするという栄誉を得ました。そして、芸術文化を通じ世界中の子どもたちに教育を提供する、この素晴らしい活動を知る機会を得ました。世界的にCOVID-19が流行し、物理的につながることができない不幸な状況にも関わらず、かるたプロジェクトは、すべての大陸の子供たちが想像力を通じて、より深いレベルでつながることを可能にしました。


ジョセリン サラディン

Bachata, alongside with Merengue, is one of the two typical latin rythms originals from the Dominican Republic. It has been declared as “Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO”.


Photo from Erdelyi, winner (受賞者)

Message from her teacher

“I inform you that the award for Lara Erdelja Pataki has arrived. I AM VERY HAPPY AND PROUD OF MY STUDENT !!!
I presented her with the award today. Her photo is attached. Thank you for everything!
I hope that there will be such a competition in the future as well.

I wish you all the best!”

Photo from the Embassy of Togo(駐日トーゴ大使館)


Video message from Embassy of Romania in Japan(駐日ルーマニア大使館)


Thank you very much for making karuta cards of Romania. We are sure that karuta will be an opportunity to deepen the cultural exchange between Romania and Japan. Let’s enjoy playing karuta together.