Words from Giana, winner(受賞者メッセージ)

I am really proud to be a winner of the “Creative Karuta Award 2018”. I would like to promote Karuta in my country and serve your team as a Karuta Ambassador. It’s a great achievement which I got. I am herewith sending my photo with Karuta Certificate, and I took another photo with my art teacher Mr S Bogahawatte.  I would like to thank your team from the bottom of my heart. 

Words from Kana, winner(受賞者メッセージ)


「受賞した生徒は頑張った甲斐があったと、 とても喜んでおりました。かるた取りの様子ですが、受賞者本人と友人によって遊ぶことができましたので、 写真の一部を添付いたします。 日本語読み句と英語読み句では難易度が変わる! 日本語で分からない時は、英語読み句がヒントになった! と、楽しんでおりました。ステキな機会とステキな賞の受賞に感謝いたします。」

Words from Mai, winner(受賞者メッセージ)



Words from Ananya, winner(受賞者メッセージ)

myself and Ananya share a common interest of watchin cartoon SHINCHAN, we love it. 
When we inform her of Karuta awards she is very happy and always says that she will go to japan to play and watch shinchan.

Even though she is around 6.5 years old she is very innocent and we love that innocency. my husband always use to say i do not need a kid to be very matured like other kids at this age and he is very happy for this achievement of hers indeed we all. We thank you very much for your support.

Hope some day we meet either in Japn or in India.