In Oceania there is no works yet for the following countries.

American-Samoa, Cook-Islands, Guam, Nauru, Solomon-Islands, Vanuatu

Oceanian Gallery (オセアニア作品集)

Whales, Tonga(クジラ)

Clue, “Many giant animals inhabit Tonga’s ocean.”


The 12 Apostles, Australia (Limestone Stacks, 景勝岩)

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia (シドニーの橋)

Strawberry Fair, Australia (イチゴ祭り)

Stone Money, Federated States of Micronesia

Clue “Over many centuries large disks made of stones were used as money.”

Sea Cows, Papua New Guinea(ジュゴン)

Rugby, Fiji(ラグビー)

Clue, “Zig zag running to win a goal.”


Platypus, Australia (かものはし)

Pink Heath Flower, Australia (ピンクの花)

No works yet. (まだ作品がありません)

There is no creative work yet for this country. この国の作品はまだありません。


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